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Is to provide those considering cosmetic surgery with the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice.


Is to increase awareness and understanding of what cosmetic surgery and black market options can realistically achieve and what potential risks they entail!
Brenda Lee
Jamila B.

We educate, support, and inform individuals on preparing before and after cosmetic surgery

We live in an age of medical and scientific progress where everything seems possible. We are sold the dream that we can all look like our favorite stars and achieve the appearance we want!

This is why silicone injections and cosmetic surgery have become a societal norm. They can help transform your looks, give you the shape you want and increase your confidence. But, this can sometimes come at a huge physical and psychological cost!

Silicone injections and cosmetic surgery can be life-changing but not always in the usual way! Like all medical procedures, they come with risks and can have serious consequences.

All too frequently, we are not adequately informed or sometimes even misinformed about realistic results or potential risks.

This is how we can help! Unfortunately, we learned the hard way! 

 Our traumatic journey through silicone removal and reconstructive surgery was painful, scary, dangerous, and costly!

We want to ensure that you do not suffer a similar fate! This is why Fearless driven women was created. We educate, support, and inform individuals on preparing before and after cosmetic surgery.

We take your needs and concerns seriously and without judgment. Our only aim is to give you access to the most up-to-date, reliable information.

We use our personal experience, extensive research, and expertise to provide a realistic perspective on potential outcomes, benefits, and risks.

Our one-on-one consultations are designed to help us understand your particular needs to help better you make an informed decision.

We are not anti-cosmetic surgery; we are pro-awareness and scientifically valid knowledge.